About Me

Reflecting back, I have always been excited by helping people grow and develop whether it was as a swimming instructor, a physician, an administrator and now as a coach.    As a psychiatrist, my focus is to help people discover purpose and meaning in their lives.  As an administrator, my approach is to foster personal and professional growth by focusing on strengths and interests as opposed to deficits. My Philosophy centers around restoring flow when feeling stuck.  Helping people move through the transition to the next phase.

Having the opportunity to be coached in my administrator role, led to the realization that the work that I do aligns and overlaps with coaching. Deciding to explore coaching skills, I participated in a coaching course from the NeuroLeadership Institute.  The program brought together current understanding of how the brain works to facilitate change and the coaching context.  This model resonated with me and I realized that these new skills would be useful in my practice and administrative work.

As I considered my own career path, I recognized that there is a great need for helping professionals navigate the changing healthcare environment.  Since then, I have been connecting with and coaching physicians and health care professionals at various stages in their careers, utilizing my understanding of how the brain and mind work together to optimize growth and balance.

My credentials include membership in the International Coach Federation, membership in the NeuroLeadership Institute, certified in the Brain Based Coaching approach, along with various medical organizations.